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Who would not like the opportunity of watching sports in a suite along with the buddies that they want to? LiveLike has brought this opportunity to you, and you need not leave your comfort zone to have this exquisite experience.


LiveLike has partnered with various sports broadcasters to simulate an experience of watching sports in a virtual suite with the buddies that you desire. This virtual reality suite provides one the chance to have this experience from various angles of the suite. Other than the prospect of experiencing it with different angles, you also get to have a 360-degree view of the suite. Many of the users have claimed that this is sort of more interactive Virtual Reality entertainment means than the one which was invented earlier wherein only the floating screen was shown to the viewers of the game.

Well, the best part of this new Virtual Reality solution is that from now on, you get to share your VR experience with your friends consecutively as LiveLike has gone social. We all very well understand that friends make situations better, whatsoever the matter is. This feature had gone active with the CONCACAF Soccer Gold Cup in the first week of July 2017. Users were able to experience this VR technology blessing in their Fox Sports VR App which was developed by LiveLike.


The VR App gives people the platform to connect their Facebook accounts with it and then join the virtual suite room in which their friends have been. For this, the other party, i.e., the friends also need to download the VR app. Also, one gets to choose if they wish to be in a random virtual suite with random people. While in a virtual room, you are being appeared with an avatar having your name above it. With your avatar, you can even turn your face around in order to talk to the people sitting next to you on the couch of this virtual room. To enhance the user experience, LiveLike has also used the 3D audio technology. The 3D audio technology will make one experience a louder voice of the person next to him when he looks at his face and the vice-versa.

In order to make the experience feasible for those who still do not own a VR headset, the app also provides the feature to enjoy the same on their phone screens. They would be able to scroll around on their phone screens and get a thorough look and experience of the virtual suite.


LiveLike is of the opinion that this VR experience in the sports-watching category is the future. LiveLike has rightly understood the community aspect which needs to be taken care of in this era.

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